The Struggling Artist Broken Hearts and Great Songs

The Struggling Artist Broken Hearts and Great Songs

The Struggling Artist Broken Hearts and Great Songs . Alright this is a personal observation of mine some of you may disagree but for me this is gospel broken heart good songs . Ok as an artist and musician I see the world in a different way the money machine doesn’t run my life. I see the world in terms of experience and lyrics for a song and lets face it.  this world we live in is one big song lyric with many complex parts to it there is happiness ,sadness loneliness love and broken hearts .Ok now as a musician I have met many woman and loved a few as an artist I wore my heart out on my sleeve it hasn’t always bbeen the best for my heart but wow the song lyrics that come from those times . Ok so there are many ways of writing a song I have always almost with out exception written brokenhearted ballads always seem to write my best songs when I am sad .  So that’s my style some friends of mine see relationship from the other side and put a positive spin on relationships and broken hearts  and write upbeat positive songs but I stick to what I am good at  I am sure if you look hard enough you can still find my cd  on ITunes or Amazon I think it is called Somewhere On a Dusty Road near Winnipeg and it is written and recorded by me Tom Thrasher it will give you an idea of my style . So I guess what I am trying to say is there are many spaces in your mind and heart in which we draw for inspiration so is it just me or do other people write the same way . Well that’s it for this one please leave a comment and let me know how you write a song and keep on coming back it is the reason I write.

Tom Thrasher

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  • Brian E. Arsenault  says:

    I agree Tom. In order to communicate a good song you have to live it. Everyone’s different in how they experience it.

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