A Song writer and musicians enemy Writers Block

A Song writer and musicians enemy Writers Block

a song writer and musicians enemy writers block Hello all you fellow musicians singers song writers and lovers of great music I want to talk a little bit about a song writers enemy writers block , You know what I am talking about that old blank mind cant string two words or a melody together to save yourself but you are under the gun to write something .My name is Tom I am a musician singer and song writer ,song writing has always come easy for me. Most days I would string a few chords together on the guitar and then write a set of lyrics for that melody, sounds easy when you break it down to its simplest form. Ok so   what happens when you sit down to write and nothing comes, your mind is blank. At first I thought I was sick imagine me with no words to write it happens to every writer. Some of the common causes for the condition  including environmental changes ,mental illness ,relationship  troubles and stress often times writers experience writers block when they are on a deadline. So now we know the causes lets talk about some different ways to solve this problem. Go for a walk eliminate distractions, do something move around get your blood flowing, do something move around get your blood flowing Play,  read a book ,free write or Listen to music don’t despair all of you writers and poets  this is a normal thing that happens to all writers and musicians you will be ok but I do have to say this condition can last a long time . Alright we have discussed the reasons for writers block and a few ways to solve the problem hopefully this will help you work through that problem next time. Well that’s it for this session keep coming back to thrasher music.xyz for informative chats on all things music.

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