Reflection of an aging artist ,musician and performer, looking back

Reflection of an aging artist ,musician and performer, looking back

Reflections of an aging artist ,musician and performer, looking back. Well here I am again folks and I would like to thank all of you for your support it is because of you that I write . Ok lets get started I am turning 64 this year and all though music and my children are the only things that matter to me I am finding the way that I approach song writing is different now . Alright when I have written songs in the past I had no problem writing sappy love songs but now I feel like my songs should be important and have something to say like save the world or stop war or feed the Add to dictionary you get it with all of these things to write about one would think it would be easy to write that important song  but it is not so easy. Alright I will explain It feels like to me the older I get the less important it becomes to write that song I guess It feels like to me that no one would listen. So here I am feeling sorry for myself instead of getting down to business and launching my song writing  I fear it is my self destructive side trying to take over  and tell me I have nothing left to offer, it is a constant battle to stay focused . I decided that I will just write what comes naturally to me that is what I did when I was younger and it seemed to work . Ok so here it is I have decided to use my blog to write and not worry so much about whether it was what any one else wants to read just write from my heart it seems to open my emotional channel and allows me to get in touch with  what I really matters to me. I guess in a way I am being self centered here but it is  what I needed to write about in this story . I guess what happens when I write is it helps me heal old invisible wounds that bury themselves deep and when I write it exposes them to the world and they no longer become ghosts that haunt me . In closing I want to thank everyone who reads this post there is always a shining light that pulls me back from the brink .

Tom Thrasher

Reflections of an aging artist ,musician and performer, looking back

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