Recording with Zoom H4npro portable recording studeo

Recording with  Zoom H4npro portable recording studio

Recording with  Zoom H4npro portable recording studio  Hi all you musicians ,artists and song writers I am going to talk to you a little bit about the Zoom H4Npro this is a slick little unit so slick I couldn’t wait to rush out and buy one .Ok so I ran down to Long and McQuade for  those of you that do not recognize the name it my music supply store of choice and looked around a bit now there are others available but zoom H4npro looked and felt more solid. Now I found out some things I was not aware of for example the wiring package which consists of the 9volt charger the wiring to connect to your computer and the fuzzy microphone cover is separate and cost an extra 50 dollars bringing the total of the Zoom H4NPro to around 375 dollars out the door after a quick browse through the store I was on my way home to try out my new toy. After settling in at home I opened the box to discover two free downloads from Steinberg’s Cubase LE and Wave Lab LE which were very easy to load Ok now I was ready I loaded the two double a batteries into the machine and turned it on . I know that in the past I would have grabbed my guitar hit record and start playing but now being a little bit older and wiser I first changed my strings and tuned them I wanted to get the best sound that I could out of this little unit I turned on the recorder and in no time I had figure out how to record with this machine finally a recording device that was easy to operate and the quality of sound was very good  I give this product an 8out of ten for ease of use  and an 8 out of ten for sound quality and all for under 400. dollars I give this unit two thumbs up

Tom Thrasher.

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  • Brian Arsenault  says:

    Do you have a picture of the unit?

    • Thomas  says:

      Actually yes and as soon as I figure out to get it up here I will post it.In the mean time you can view all of the portable recorders at

  • Matt Hobbie  says:

    This is another test.

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