The artist ,musician the heart and music they are all entwined

The artist, musician the heart and music they are all entwined

The artist ,musician and the heart and music they are all entwined. Well now here is a subject I can speak on having had my heart kicked around a bit in my life  time but I have written many songs from it. Ok the interesting thing here is that I never was good at writing happy love songs they were always tragic love songs about hearts gone wrong and hurt and pain great songs but sad. I found that when I was in love and in a deeply committed relationship I could not write a song to save myself it wasn’t until that relationship was over that I could write again and I mean the flood gates opened up and the lyrics just seemed to fly from my mouth on to the page and all was good with the world again but I was still loveless and feeling empty but wow could I write. It was then that I said to myself this is ridicules  does this mean I will have to be for ever heart broken in order to be a good song writer and so far I am sad to say this has rung true the sadder I was the better I wrote it seems like it allowed  me to get in touch with my emotion allows me to write . Ok in saying this I don’t want you to think I walk around with a cloud hanging over me and the rain coming down that’s not the case I am a very happy person I just write sad songs every one has there niche. Alright I think I have rambled on enough on this subject so until next time keep the dream alive you are never to old to live your dream . I just want to thank you for taking the time to read my stories it is the reason I write.

Tom Thrasher

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